I've come to learn that all too often the uniqueness, the gift, the opportunity of a situation is staring you in the face, but you can miss it if you’re looking for something else - something you think, or really “believe” ought to have been there instead.

I love coaching, both as a coach and as a client, because it is so effective in expanding the possibilities when we think we’ve exhausted them all.

I love how coaching encourages us to see what’s already working and what’s positive in our lives so we can build on those gifts as we reach toward our goals.

I love how the coaching process teaches us to manage disappointments or what's not working in new ways while creating a better and more compelling alternative.

And finally, I love how coaching helps us realize that the way we live our lives is largely based on the stories we choose to tell ourselves about the events and people in our past and what we expect our future to be.  Gaining awareness of these stories and clarity about the range of choices in front of us, is not only good for us, but for all the people we impact as well.

 All photographs by Nir Landau