Why I Titled This Blog: AND

You know how this goes, we all do it, yes, you do it too, you use the word "but" without thinking, when you really mean “and”.    Here are some great ones:  "My kid is a great kid, ‘but’ is so disorganized - never knows where anything is."  Or, "my husband is a great guy ‘but’ can never be on time."  Or, "I'm good at what I do, ‘but’ I haven't made partner yet."  Do you notice how that little word "but" negates the first part of each statement, negating the good qualities of our kids, our spouses, ourselves?  Why do we want to do that?  Substituting the "but" with an "and” has been helpful to my clients and me – it’s a small adjustment that can make a big difference in our attitude and perspective.  That's one reason why I wanted to name this blog "AND" - to draw attention to our capacity to increase positivity and possibility in our lives.

The second reason is honestly because I thought it would be easy for you to remember. 

Last, is to give the sense of ongoing dialogue about issues that come up in the world of coaching.  Please join the conversation.

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